Honolulu's Best Airport Shuttle Taxi Service


Honolulu Hawaii Yellow Cab Taxi Service

Island wide 24 hours

Capacity: Standard Mini Van / 6 passengers max. / weight limit

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Island Wide Service 24 hours

Flat rate taxi service as low as $18 to the

Honolulu International Airport


Yellow Cab Taxi Honolulu


Honolulu Hawaii's Yellow Cab taxi service.


We service at Honolulu international airport and surrounding areas. 

We offer taxi service from the North Shore of Oahu to the Honolulu Airport

Waikiki to Honolulu International airport



Flat Rate Taxi service available 

In order to compete with ride share companys such as uber and lyft we have come up with the option for flat rate services. We provide vans that are capable of picking up 6 passangers with luggage with no additional cost.

North Shore (Haleiwa / Turtle bay)  to Honolulu International Airport $100

Waikiki beach hotels to Honolulu International Airport $30

Downtown Honolulu to Honolulu International Airport $18

All flat rates must be reserved 6 hours in advance for guaranted service.



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Airport shuttle service with dependable on-time transportation!

The Convenience of Reservations: One thing that you will maybe find very comforting about Yellow Cab Honolulu's airport transfer services is that you can make a reservation for your transportation service ahead of time. It is also possible to schedule your reservation prior to your flight or before departing from you hotel. Nevertheless, if you schedule your reservation ahead of time you will know certainly that Yellow Cab Honolulu will be there to pick you up when above all you need it the most. This is extremely useful when you are on a tight time schedule. When needing to get to your next destination in a short period of time, having a reservation ahead of time will ensure that this happen in a timely manner. If you're renting a car in the place that you are going, Yellow Cab Honolulu's airport transfer services can take you right to your hotel or car rental company. Consequently, Yellow Cab Honolulu's airport taxi and transfer service is dependable, reliable and above all affordable. They're an excellent choice if you are going to be traveling out of town and you need a reliable way to get around when you don't have a car.